Energy – Environment


The energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation, and the challenges are great. Acceleration towards decarbonised energy, be it renewable or nuclear. The electrification of the economy. The advent of hydrogen. These are all areas of development that will require massive investment and will fundamentally change the competitive landscape. Accuracy stands beside a wide range of actors in the supply chain in order to support them during this transformation.


Over the past few years, environmental issues have become glaringly obvious. The result of demographic growth and our excessive consumer lifestyles, the out-of-control rise in greenhouse gases, the multiplication of climatic events, the depletion of natural resources and the serious harm to biodiversity are all threats to the development model we have fostered since the Industrial Revolution. Major players in the environment sector are faced with considerable challenges: ever tighter regulation and ever greater investment, together with the challenge of rapid, disruptive innovation, in a context of resource scarcity and social pressure. All this is radically changing classic economic models. We support our clients (major groups and start-ups/scale-ups) in determining and analysing the stakes, establishing and quantifying scenarios and making informed decisions to adapt to this new order.