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Joining Accuracy

Who are we looking for?

Our teams work in demanding situations and enjoy this challenging and stimulating environment. We are looking for candidates with the following qualities:

Our added value comes from solving complex and strategic issues for our clients, based on our fields of expertise. We look for consultants who can not only perform detailed and thorough analysis, but also summarise their work in a structured and concise manner.

You will work for top-level clients on a frequent basis, who expect high-quality work from you. You will need to be committed to addressing their concerns, expectations and needs.

We always work in teams, so our consultants have to work together, take everyone’s views into account and know their own role within the team. This allows our projects to run smoothly. We appreciate good teamwork and team spirit in beginners and more experienced consultants.

We look for consultants who are curious and have a desire to learn. This helps consultants work autonomously, think outside the box and pass on their knowledge to fellow team members.

Accuracy is still a relatively young company, experiencing strong growth. Consultants are involved in developing our brand and the tools required to sustain our growth: business development, communication, recruitment, training, etc.

You will work in diverse contexts – transactions, disputes, turnarounds, decisions and more – for diverse clients of all sizes. We look for consultants who can adapt to these different environments and can manage the pressure put on them by demanding clients.

Our recruitment process

The recruitment process at Accuracy has been designed to allow all candidates to fully understand our business and our unique corporate culture, while ensuring we continue to recruit the best professionals in our fields.

Our recruitment process consists of a series of interviews with some of our consultants and partners, providing an excellent opportunity for a mutual introduction. The process allows us to assess the candidate’s technical skills for the job, ascertain their personality in order to gauge how they would fit in with our team culture and gain an understanding of their aspirations.

Career fairs
Find below all our next events where you will be able to meet our team, discover Accuracy’s way of working and apply for a position in one of our offices.

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Accuracy Business Cup
The Accuracy Business Cup, or ABC, is an international competition for students providing the opportunity to work on financial and strategic business cases. During the competition, participants work under the supervision of Accuracy consultants and present recommendations to the leaders of a major listed company.

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Make a good first impression!
Our first impression of you will be through your cover letter and CV. Make sure you tell us why you want to work with us, why we should want to work with you, and be prepared to cover any topic in the interviews.

Do your research on Accuracy
It is always a good idea to research our business – get an idea of who we are and what we do. You can use our website, the brochures handed out at recruitment fairs, follow us on Instagram or even get in touch with our consultants on LinkedIn.

Know yourself
Consider whether you have the qualities we expect from our consultants and be prepared to provide examples of how you have demonstrated these qualities in the past.

Believe in yourself
We are more interested in your ability to think, reason and learn rapidly than in whether you know your finance courses off by heart. On the day of the interview, stay calm and be ready to answer and ask questions. This is the best way for us to get to know you and to assess your fit within Accuracy.

Your career path at Accuracy


The Accuracy School
Two weeks of intensive training take place each summer for our new analysts and associates from all Accuracy offices. These two weeks include theoretical training, team case studies and, of course, socialising and meeting new colleagues.

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Ongoing training

As well as receiving continuous support on your engagements, you are constantly encouraged to develop your career at Accuracy through intensive seminars, technical training sessions, communication skills workshops, active listening, self-training modules and much more. Professional qualifications are also encouraged and supported.



You are supervised by a mentor, and your career progression, aspirations, performance and promotions are looked at and discussed in an open, friendly and personalised manner.

We have a clear path for career progression at Accuracy and it is driven by you. Your progression through the roles of analyst, associate, senior associate, manager, senior manager, director and partner is guided by your performance, with promotions based on merit.

The absence of barriers between our different areas of expertise allows you to explore a diverse range of engagements. In line with your aspirations, you will be able to work in different fields, sectors and countries.

The international advantage
Our international coverage and our numerous engagements abroad mean regular opportunities to work in different countries. These engagements are frequently carried out by a multinational team of Accuracy consultants. Secondments and transfers are encouraged to fit your personal preferences.