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Aerospace – Defence

The aeronautics and defence sector plays a crucial role in national security, economic development and global connectivity. It also plays a critical role in technological innovation. Its strategic importance for nation-states cannot be overestimated.

Technological advances in the civil sector are often adapted and applied to military uses and vice versa. Moreover, the massive investments in research and development in the aeronautics and defence sector regularly contribute to technological innovation in other areas, such as electronics, composite materials and artifical intelligence. This boosts economic development, creates highly qualified jobs and strengthens the competitiveness of a country on the world stage.

This global industry now must face:

  • the necessary increase in production rates to meet customer needs;
  • new competition from Chinese aeronautics companies, which often benefit from considerable governmental support and resources;
  • the consequences of the war in Ukraine, in terms of the changing needs of nation-states;
  • growing cybersecurity threats;
  • the appearence of new strategic vulnerabilities and the risk of restricted access to essential technologies.


At Accuracy, we help companies in this sector to meet these challenges thanks to decades’ worth of experience and expertise developed by our consultants.