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Who we are

Accuracy, 100% held by its partners, is the sole totally independent international player in its field of expertise providing advice to company management and shareholders.

Our status as an independent company means that we do not perform any regulated professional activities, ensuring that all work produced is objective, of the highest quality and in the best interests of our clients.

Our strength is to connect strategy, facts and figures. We provide our in-depth knowledge and expertise to our clients to help them face different situations: acquisitions, disposals, litigation, disputes, companies in difficulty, restructuring.

In order to provide bespoke solutions to these situations, we place a great amount of importance on constantly inventing and reinventing our services, understanding that no one solution is the same for each client.







Our business principles.

Our dedication to clients is an essential ingredient to the high quality of work we produce. 

It ensures that we work under the strictest ethical standards, steering well clear of any conflicts of interest and putting client confidentiality at the top of the agenda.  Our uncompromising professional standards are what differentiate us as a firm and safeguard our proven ability to provide the highest level of service at all times.

Client service is our top priority and the key to our success.
Our commitment to providing our clients with high-quality and insightful services is unwavering.

We are independent and free from regulation.
As an independent firm, our work is not subject to regulation. We never perform engagements for multiple clients within a single transaction, thus strictly excluding any conflicts of interest from our activities.

We uphold the value of having an Accuracy signature on a client report.
Maintaining high standards in each stage of a project is vital to ensuring that our work is of value to our clients. These high standards are reflected in our ability to provide our clients with crucial support in some of the most difficult situations.

Our goal is not to become the biggest player in our sector.
Our strategy is to continue building a firm that offers excellence and services of unrivalled quality, provided by consultants with exceptional technical and communication skills.

Our clients are international, as are our teams and engagements.
Our consultants attend mixed training sessions and seminars, which promote teamwork and reinforce consistent work standards. Accuracy partners do not have detailed individual performance indicators and cannot sell their shares, ensuring the long-term success of our firm and its values.

We have a wide range of expertise, spread across diverse teams.
We pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary teams, which are able to work flexibly across different types of situations. Thanks to our strict “no silos” approach, our work is not compartmentalised and neither are our teams, enabling our consultants to develop a broader view of client issues and to seek out innovative solutions.

We provide international careers to flexible, problem-solving people.
The Accuracy model requires the recruitment, retention and dedication of the best professionals in our field. Our company culture offers our employees an optimal work environment: intense training, minimal bureaucracy, continuous feedback, international opportunities and a flexible work-life balance.

Our values.

Our unique company culture is one that views employee satisfaction and fulfilment as the end result to all our employee actions and initiatives. Accuracians are what make up Accuracy’s DNA: our teams are international, multicultural and diverse and they combine their skills in the most effective and efficient way in order to consistently achieve top results. We are committed to bringing out the best in all our people, as per our “High standards and Consideration” policy, which promotes measures to enrich both the professional and personal lives of all Accuracy employees. 

This distinctive company culture is the embodiment of our six key values.

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
At Accuracy, we strongly believe in what we do, what we say and what we write. We always aim to act properly and remain true to our core values and principles.
In all circumstances, we strive to be proud of our behaviour.

The ability to act despite potential disapproval or danger.
Accuracians do what has to be done and say what has to be said. We deal with any issue head-on, no matter how difficult. In all circumstances, we are confident and communicate our honest opinion.

The quality of being truthful and trustworthy.
At Accuracy, we cherish the truth and do not hide it. We remain open and honest, both internally and externally, and are always willing to listen. As Accuracians, we aim to be clear and sound in all aspects of our work.

The belief in oneself and in one’s own abilities.
Our Accuracians demonstrate confidence, and thus inspire the confidence of others in turn; mutual respect leads to shared success. At Accuracy, we instil belief in oneself, enabling each of our Accuracians to reach his or her full potential.

The responsible oversight and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.
At Accuracy, we aim to nurture, guide and support our professionals throughout their careers. To this end, we endeavour to create the conditions necessary for them to succeed. Here, we believe in a noble apprenticeship that leads to mastery.

The state of using, occupying, enjoying or creating jointly with others.
At Accuracy, we promote a willingness to share, one that endures both inside and outside the firm. For us, sharing enhances progress and is vital to success. Two heads are indeed better than one, and this forms a fundamental part of our culture.