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Unblocking the situation

Whether the dispute you are facing is commercial, tax-related or competitive, whether it pits investors against governments or private parties, whether it concerns breaches of commercial relations or cost and schedule overruns on major construction projects, we provide technical expertise, objectivity and balance. Damages assessment, financial analysis, delay quantification or expert testimony preparation, we support you until the dispute is resolved.

We adapt our approach to the complexity of each case, combining our expertise in economics, engineering, finance, valuation, strategy and accounting to deliver a tailor-made solution. This is what enables us to give an independent, documented opinion.

We have many experienced experts, and we intervene in all types of disputes in jurisdictions across the globe.

Our capabilities.


We provide expert advice in antitrust matters such as abuses of dominant position, cartels, and vertical restraints. We also provide insightful and impactful guidance on high-stakes regulatory issues, including trustee mandates. From energy, telecoms, and media to transport, financial markets, and digital regulation, our teams ensure thorough and effective support. 


We provide expert opinions in litigation cases, including antitrust, commercial, construction, criminal, intellectual property, M&A, shareholder disputes, restructuring and tax. We tailor our approach to the specificities of each case, combining our expertise in finance, economics, valuation, engineering, strategy, and accounting to deliver case-specific solutions.


We provide expert opinions in arbitration cases, including investment, commercial, or construction arbitration. With experts in valuation, quantum of damages and delay, intellectual property, and M&A across a wide range of industries, our team regularly provides oral and written expert evidence in major arbitration centres and geographic regions around the world.

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