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We are able to work with our experts to provide independent and informed advice in all types of disputes in arbitration.

We have extensive experience in providing economic and valuation support in litigation and arbitration cases, including in commercial arbitrations.

Twenty-three Accuracy experts have been recognised as leading arbitration expert witnesses in the Who’s Who Legal – Arbitration Expert Witnesses 2024 and have testified on numerous occasions, including before tribunals appointed under ICC, ICSID, UNCITRAL, LCIA, SAC, NAI and DIFC rules, as well as at the PCA. Four Accuracy experts have been featured in the Client Choice Awards – Expert Witnesses 2024 



Too often, long-term projects experience significant cost and time overruns, leading one party to seek the recovery of financial losses or damages from the other. Disputes in major projects can arise from a number of different situations, such as delays, disruptions, additional works or even the early termination of the project. Our highly experienced team of construction specialists can provide advice and assistance to contractors or owners and act as both delay and quantum expert witnesses in litigation or international arbitration proceedings.

Investment arbitration

In dispute cases that involve an investor (or group of investors) and a state or state-controlled entity, we focus our expert work on the quantification of financial damages to the investor(s) resulting from alleged breaches of bilateral or multilateral investment treaties. Cases usually revolve around the economic consequences of expropriations, breaches of fair and equitable treatment obligations or changes in regulations. As experts appointed either by the investor or by the state, we provide dedicated valuation, market and financial analyses, using the latest techniques, which help the tribunal to make an informed decision.

Commercial arbitration

Commercial disputes in international arbitration or litigation contexts arise from many different situations such as breach or early termination of contracts, unfair competition or professional negligence. Each case is unique and requires a tailor-made approach. Our multidisciplinary team of forensic accounting experts, valuers, market experts and industry specialists analyse the factual situation with the allegedly unlawful acts, estimate the hypothetical scenario without them and hence assess the financial damage suffered by the claimant. Our analyses can involve complex loss of profits or internationally recognised valuation techniques to substantiate our analysis.