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Navigating complex antitrust and regulatory investigations can be challenging. We tailor our approach to suit the unique characteristics of each situation, combining our expertise in economics and finance with comprehensive sector knowledge.

We provide expert advice in antitrust matters such as abuses of dominant position, cartels, and vertical restraints. We also provide insightful and impactful guidance on high-stakes regulatory issues, including trustee mandates. From energy, telecoms, and media to transport, financial markets, and digital regulation, our teams ensure thorough and effective support. 


When faced with anticompetitive practices like an abuse of dominance, collusion, or vertical restraints, companies may raise the issue with the national competition authorities or the European Commission for scrutiny. Conversely, some companies find themselves under investigation by competition authorities for suspected misconduct.

In either scenario, our experts deliver unparalleled economic analysis to uncover facts and evaluate potential harm. In cartel cases, we assist defendants in scrutinizing presented facts and assessing the economic impact. For abuse of dominance cases, we aid claimants in building their case and support defendants in assessing the factual and economic foundations of the allegations.

Our advice enables clients to assess antitrust risk and navigate antitrust investigations adeptly. Praised by clients for the exceptional quality and clarity of our advice, regulators value the insights and decisive elements contained within our reports.

Sector issues

Companies often encounter regulatory issues arising from a stringent and ever-changing public policy environment. Navigating through regulatory and compliance requirements is no easy task, and the reputational and operational risks of non-compliance can be considerable.

We provide comprehensive economic and financial analysis of policy and regulatory matters. Our experts leverage their in-depth industry-specific expertise to assist companies and institutions in effectively navigating public policy issues, especially in the digital, telecom, media, energy, transport, and financial services sectors.

Our advice is instrumental for our clients to assess the impact of regulation on their businesses and ensure that risks can be mitigated effectively. Our recommendations and digital solutions help them to overcome obstacles and meet the demands of regulatory institutions.