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Amaury Pouradier Duteil



Amaury Pouradier Duteil is a partner at Accuracy with 15+ years of experience in strategy and transaction. He specialises in providing advice to company management and shareholders for their strategic or critical decisions, notably in transactions, disputes and crises. He works mainly for actors in the financial services sector (banks, insurance and real estate companies, private equity funds), but also in other sectors.

Over the past 15 years, Amaury has been involved in numerous M&A deals and strategic projects. He has a broad range of experience with running financial assessments of businesses, strategic reviews, and company valuations.

Amaury has also conducted a wide spectrum of work in specific situations to help clients in their decision-making process linked to business issues (including, among others, assessing synergies as part of business combinations, determining the most profitable product mix, identifying key levers of cost reduction, and renegotiating a partnership).
Before joining Accuracy in 2014, Amaury worked at Deloitte for seven years in the transaction services department, dedicated to providing support to the financial services sector.

Amaury speaks French and English.


  • Master’s degree, HEC School of Management, 2006
  • M.Sc., ESTP Engineering School, 2005

In-depth expertise

Amaury has developed strong strategic and financial skills from different experiences in complex situations including carve-outs, cost reduction plans, digitalisation and transformation.

Amaury has conducted a wide variety of projects, including buy-side and sell-side due diligence, synergies assessment, valuation, business case and business plan preparation, M&A process management, modelling, strategic review and financial assessment.

Example of engagements


  • Assisted a bank in the divesture of retail banking entities in several countries
  • Assisted the shareholders of two major leasing groups as part of their merger (€20bn combined turnover)
  • Assisted a company in the acquisition of a majority stake of a large group (€25bn turnover, €7bn deal value)
  • Assisted a bank in the divestiture of a major subsidiary operating in the leasing business (7 countries in Europe)
  • Assisted a bank in the carve-out and sale of one of its major business units
  • Assisted a group in the sale of a significant stake in a consumer credit business in Europe (enterprise value > €2bn)
  • Assisted a European asset manager (>€400bn AuM) as part of its merger with another player



  • Assisted two private banks in assessing the synergies delivered by a potential merger
  • Assisted a large group (>€100bn turnover) as part of an efficiency plan
  • Assisted a bank as part of the opening of a new entity abroad
  • Assisted a player over the process and discussions with a mobile services operator, in the context of the creation of a new bank offering
  • Assisted two European banks in the renegotiation of the terms of their agreements with VISA and MasterCard
  • Prepared the five-year transformation business plan of a German bank and helped top management to identify and sequence key business projects
  • Performed a profitability assessment of an insurance distribution network to identify key levers of improvement; reshaped the new business plan



  • Developed a modelling tool aiming to forecast and stress over a five-year period the balance sheet, P&L and key performance indicators of a major European bank (all countries, business lines and products)
  • Assisted several banks in their stress test exercises