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Construction - Infrastructure

Construction and engineering
Suffering from aggressive competition, major builders are seeing their capacity for investment weakened. Frequently faced with contract renegotiation procedures, or even disputes, the sector must modernise its means of activity management. 

The increase in the size and complexity of projects, as well as the professionalisation of dispute proceedings, must lead actors to digitalise their tools. The sector is undergoing a knowledge revolution, with an obvious advantage to those who get the measure of the associated economic interest first.

We support our clients in this fundamental trend, whether in negotiation rounds or in a court of law or arbitration tribunal. We also support them in the analysis and treatment of data, and in the creation of innovative software tools.


Within the space of just a few years, infrastructure has transformed into a new class of asset, highly sought after by investors. 

The revolution is under way: infrastructure has become a critical element of a country’s economic, social and environmental development. Aware of the importance of such structures, investors are looking to pursue sustainable and innovative infrastructure projects to meet current and future needs.

The transition to green energy is one of the main drivers of these developments, with massive investment in renewable energy and the production of decarbonised energy. The related infrastructure is also on the rise, facilitating better management of resources and the optimisation of services for individuals.

In this context, we support our clients to assess investment opportunities and understand the related risks. We also support them in the financing, management and operational control of their projects.

Construction insights

This series showcases insights from the minds behind some of the engineering marvels in Dubai. We hope it will inform and inspire actions in our wonderful construction industry. The series covers different themes: Teamwork and culturecollaboration between different parties and its impact on project delivery, reducing waste in construction, barriers to implementing technology in the sector, and sustainability.


  • Volkan Yerdelen: Project Director – SLS Tower, completed in 2021
  • Yannic Leveque: Head of Architecture – Royal Atlantis and Uptown Tower, completed in 2023
  • Miguel Monteiro: Project Director – Uptown Tower, completed in 2023
  • Yves De Rue: Project Director – Royal Atlantis, completed in 2023
  • Seamus O’Sullivan: Project Director – Museum of the Future, completed in 2022
  • Bashar Kayali: Managing director at ALEC Solutions presenting LINQ Modular
  • Chris Wan: Associate director of Sustainability and CSR – Masdar City, under construction
  • Francisco Galan Moreno: Director of Sustainable Development – Masdar City, under construction


Are you interested in construction? What about the trends that will define the future of the industry? In our video series

#ConstructionInsights, we talk to some of the industry’s leading experts in Dubai to hear their stories and their thoughts on the topic.

Who are they?

Introducing key construction experts for some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. They share with us their experience in building exceptional projects in the #ConstructionInsights series.

Teaser – Teamwork & Culture

We have all heard about megaprojects in construction, but (i) what makes one a success, (ii) how important is teamwork in construction, and (iii) what happens if you empower your people during the execution of a project? This video answers all of these questions and more.

Teamwork & Culture: Yannic & Yves

Yannic Leveque and Yves De Rue from the Royal Atlantis $1B megaproject share their thoughts on how important teamwork is in construction, what it is like to manage an international team, and more.

Teamwork & Culture: Miguel Monteiro

Miguel Monteiro, Project Director of the Uptown Tower back in 2021, reveals his experience and what he has learnt about the cultural differences in construction between Europe and the Middle East, among other things.

Teamwork & Culture: Volkan Yerdelen

According to Volkan Yerdelen, dedicated, experienced, and passionate people are the key success factor for an organisation. In this video, you will find out about Volkan’s management style, his knowledge about working culture in the Middle East, and more.


Collaboration also plays an essential part in construction. We talk with our guests to discover how fostering collaboration has helped them drive the efficiency in their projects.

Collaboration: Yannic Leveque

How does the Head of Architecture of the Royal Atlantis in 2021 foster collaboration between the main contractor and subcontractors? According to Yannic Leveque, the best contractor is the one who can create an environment for the project to work. She shares in this video what difficulties she has faced, how important technology is in construction projects, and more.

Collaboration: Seamus

The Project Director of the Museum of the Future in 2021 discusses the challenges in collaborating with subcontractors, how to keep a strong relationship between the main contractor and other stakeholders, as well as many other interesting topics.

Collaboration: Miguel Monteiro

How can you improve teamwork between main contractors and subcontractors? Miguel Monteiro touches on how to use lean methodology in overall contractual planning as well as other areas of interest.

Collaboration: Chris Wan

Collaboration within the construction sector is a challenge. Although everyone recognises that it is critical, walking the talk is not easy. Chris Wan delves into the intricacies of changing hats, the vital importance of bringing together the right minds and the difficulties of confronting diverse viewpoints. Discover the transformative power of collaboration in shaping the future of sustainable construction.


Waste in Construction does not necessarily relate to tangible waste; it can also mean a waste of time, effort or productivity. Discover what causes these types of waste and how we can minimise them.

Waste Management: Volkan

Volkan Yerdelen defines waste in construction and, in particular his methods to minimise it in order to boost efficiency and productivity, as well as other interesting topics.

Waste Management: Seamus

For Seamus O’Sullivan, Project Director of the Museum of the Future, waste in construction comes down to wasting time and productivity. In this video you will hear his perspective on different causes of waste, tracking waste, learning from past experiences, and more.

Waste Management: Miguel Monteiro

Miguel Monteiro, Project Director of the Uptown Tower back in 2021, shares with us the biggest waste in construction. For him it comes down to waste of time in designing, planning, and executing without using best practices and a lean approach.


Technology has proved its role in boosting productivity across all industries, including construction. Our guests will share their thoughts on different types of ConTech that they use in their mega projects, the reasons why they think technology in construction is not yet being used to its full potential and more.

ConTech: Seamus

According to Seamus O’Sullivan, Project Director of the Museum of the Future, using technology has allowed him to reduce a significant amount of rework in his projects. This video reveals the different technologies that he has implemented, those he would like to try in the future, and more.

ConTech: Volkan Yerdelen

Of all the current technologies in construction, @Volkan Yerdelen sees the greatest potential in wearables. For him, these devices help track data and identify various blockages to improve productivity and reduce waste.

Volkan shares with us his experience with #contech, why it is not yet achieving optimal investment levels, and whether he thinks it is more important to invest in people or technology, among other things.

ConTech: Krystof S

Construction technology is already being used in mega projects to boost productivity and efficiency. Krystof shows us the real application in Uptown Tower.

ConTech: Pepa Soria

Have you ever applied Lean on your construction projects? Pepa Soria from the Uptown Tower, applies the Last Planner System to improve coordination between trades and keep her mega projects on track.

ConTech: Miguel Monteiro (Part 1)

Construction technology is already being used in mega projects to boost productivity and efficiency. This video shows a real-case explained by Krystof Spruyt (Besix) to learn more about a digital tracking tool.

ConTech: Miguel Monteiro (Part 2)

Miguel Monteiro, Project Director of the Uptown Tower back in 2021, shares with us that efficiency comes from being in the right place, executing the right work at the right time and delivering results with the right quality.

ConTech: Miguel Monteiro (Part 3)

Miguel Monteiro, Project Director of the Uptown Tower back in 2021, explains the benefits of modular prefabrication in construction.

ConTech: Bashar Kayali (Part 1)

In this video, Bashar Kayali, Managing director of ALEC Solutions, talks about the challenges and benefits of Modular Construction.

ConTech: Bashar Kayali (Part 2)

Did you know that modular techniques could allow home builders to accelerate end-to-end project timelines by 20% to 50% while reducing costs by up to 20%! In this 2nd part, Bashar Kayali compares traditional an modular construction.

ConTech: Francisco Galan Moreno

In this video, Francisco Galan Moreno, Director of Sustainable Development – Masdar City, explores how a data-centric approach can drive sustainable progress.

Sustainability: Francisco Galan Moreno (Part 2)

Francisco challenges the misconception that sustainability comes with a hefty price tag. “We have an approach focusing on passive design measures […] things that are inexpensive or even free,” he shares. From strategic building orientation to harnessing natural airflow and innovative facade designs, discover the cost-effective avenues to elevate sustainability.

Sustainability: Francisco Galan Moreno (Part 1)

Dive into the minds behind Dubai’s engineering marvels and discover how Masdar City, home to the world’s largest cluster of LEED platinum buildings, is leading the change towards a sustainable construction future. Francisco Galan Moreno, the visionary director of Sustainable Development at Masdar City challenges the norm – “Sustainability doesn’t need to come with an extra cost.”

Sustainability: Chris Wan (Part 1)

From groundbreaking architecture to cutting-edge technologies, discover how sustainability is not just a tick-box exercise. In this video, Chris discusses the strategies, challenges and triumphs that define Masdar City’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

Sustainability: Chris Wan (Part 2)

Delve into the story of the MC2 HQ building in Masdar City. This architectural marvel is not just a building; it is a net energy producer, generating 104% renewable energy!

Sustainability: Bashar Kayali (Part 1)

Discover the environmental benefits of modularity and LINQ’s dedication to a sustainable supply chain.

Sustainability: Bashar Kayali (Part 2)

Bashar Kayali, managing director of ALEC Solutions, unveils the blueprint for the future, discussing the ambitious G+6 modular building project soon to be launched in Dubai and calling for more government support for this innovative construction method and sustainable living. This isn’t just about construction; it’s a vision that could redefine our urban landscape.