Logistics – Distribution

The logistics and distribution sectors form the backbone of the way we do business and the way we live today. But are these sectors ready to meet the demanding needs of tomorrow’s customers?

The speed and frequency with which we move people and goods across the world today is astounding, whatever the criteria considered. A business meeting on another continent, perishable goods transported by plane across the world and parcels delivered with next-day delivery. The logistics and distribution sectors act on a global scale and are rarely standing still.

These global industries are subject to the influence of changing global forces. As China launches its Belt and Road initiative, freight shifts from air and sea to rail and road. Drones are being called on to play a growing role in the distribution of national freight and high-speed rail travel for passengers has taken over what was once the domain of the short-haul flight. Customers expect nothing less than perfection: punctuality and quality from the get-go.

The success of any company competing in this transforming market depends on its agility and its ability to reach greater levels of efficiency. The ever-evolving world of data makes it possible to achieve these objectives. Indeed, data models allow companies to forecast demand, prepare services or send products in advance, before customers even make their requests.

Decision-making based on data is at the heart of our work here at Accuracy: whether that means making sense of huge quantities of big data, developing more intelligent algorithms and tools to improve the efficiency of a delivery network or building an agile and sustainable supply chain, we help companies to stay one step ahead.