Henri Philippe

Henri Philippe


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Henri Philippe is a partner at Accuracy. He has twenty years of experience in valuation, in both acquisition and dispute contexts. He was previously a member of international consulting firms valuation teams.


Henri leads Accuracy’s international valuation workshops. In addition to his work on engagements, he has written many articles in professional and academic journals as well as several books on management packages, option valuation and brand valuation.


Henri teaches valuation and financial analysis at several French graduate schools (Université Paris-Dauphine, HEC, Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussées, ENSAE). He is on the scientific boards of both the SFEV (French Valuation Experts Association) and the Fondation Dauphine, and is a member of the valuation committee of the SFAF (French Financial Analysts Association).


Henri speaks French and English.




  • PhD in Finance, Université Paris-Dauphine, 2004
  • Master in Management, Bordeaux Graduate Business School (KEDGE), 1996
  • MBA Wake Forest University, USA, 1995

Henri is an expert in value analysis. He has worked on numerous engagements in litigation, arbitration, M&A, strategic analysis, and valuation contexts. He has extensive expertise in assessing the value of complex assets (start-ups, patents & technology, brands, joint ventures, derivative instruments, etc.) using relevant methodologies (real options, Monte Carlo simulations, decision tree analysis).


Henri is regularly appointed as an independent expert to deliver fairness opinions on public offers (squeeze outs, takeovers, mergers, etc.), particularly concerning French listed companies.

Fairness opinions


  • Fairness opinion on the price of complex options issued by a French wireless products manufacturer.
  • Fairness opinion on the price paid in the context of the squeeze-out of a French telecommunications equipment company’s shares following its acquisition by a communications and consumer electronics MNC.
  • Fairness opinion on the exchange ratio contemplated in the context of the potential merger of a large French telecommunications company and a Netherlands-based telecommunications MNC.
  • Fairness opinion on the price paid in the context of the squeeze-out of a French industrial company’s shares following the merger of the French industrial company and a Swiss cement company.
  • Fairness opinion in the context of the acquisition of a French holiday group by a large Chinese private conglomerate.
  • Fairness opinion in the context of the acquisition of a French-based outdoor equipment and clothing company by a Swiss group that specialises in high-quality clothing.
  • Fairness opinion in the context of the acquisition of complex listed options issued by a European specialist in cold logistics.
  • Fairness opinion in the context of the squeeze-out of the shares of an oil and rubber plantation company by a French transportation company.


IP Valuation


  • Fairness opinion on the value of partnership agreements set up between a French software company and an insurance group
  • Valuation of brand, know-how, patents, IP of a French chemical company in the context of a purchase price allocation
  • Valuation of the brand of a French champagne producer
  • Valuation in the context of a litigation concerning a trading market place


Tax disputes


  • Dispute on a legal reorganisation involving the transfer of intangible assets in France
  • Valuation of the shares of a French Private Equity firm in the context of a tax litigation