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Silvia Baroffio



Silvia Baroffio is a Director at Accuracy. She specialises in Forensic, Compliance Risk Management, Transaction support and Valuation. As a Certified Public Accountant, she has performed valuations and financial analyses, appraisals and fairness opinions.

Prior to joining Accuracy, Silvia has extensive experience as an auditor in Ernst &Young undertaking audits of companies listed in both the Italian and other Stock Exchange (including New York, Paris and London).

She has been involved in engagements relating to IPO of companies, IFRS conversion, due diligence engagements, Sarbanes Oxley testing and was a member of the Professional Practice Group (Internal Technical Department of EY) for three years (2003 to 2006).


  • Graduated in Economics – Università L. Bocconi, Milan
  • Certified Public Account (CPA)

In-depth expertise

Silvia has been involved in various transaction support engagements including: buy-side and sell-side due diligences, business plan preparation, valuation in the context of contributions in kind and purchase price allocations.

Silvia has also undertaken engagements involving the analysis and computation of accrued damages and forgone profit in litigation cases. She has also performed analysis and validation of the gross margin of carve-outs in sell-side, for both litigation and criminal proceeding situations.

Silvia specialises in Compliance Risk Management, supporting multinational companies in designing and testing anti bribery models.

Example of engagements

  • Mapping, design, and implementation of procedures to manage, monitor, and control a long-term contract job order
  • Stress test on “231 Model” (anti-bribery) in the context of international corruption
  • Analysis and computation of accrued damages and missing profit in litigation and arbitration cases
  • Financial diagnosis in post-acquisition situations and in case of mismanagement
  • Rebuild the carve out of the Italian activity as a standalone company in order to demonstrate the profit/margin of the business in the context of a tax litigation
  • Designing and implementation, for a shipbuilding company, of a decision model, compliant to anti-bribery law, to support management in view of new opportunities/bids
  • Expert appraisal valuation related to the contribution in kind of a Business Unit according to Italian law
  • Appraisal and valuation in the context of ownership transfer within a listed group
  • Appraisal valuation to assess the assets fair value in the context of the purchase price allocation, in accordance with IFRS 3, for the acquisition of a company operating in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Business plan preparation for the strategic decision on a transaction
  • Buy side due diligence specifically in Real Estate, Long Term Contracts, Manufacturing industries
  • M&A like service related to the sale of non-strategic assets in the steel sector. The Vendor assistance activities consisted of: review, preparation and analysis of financial information, data room management, teaser and info memo preparation, preparation and distribution vendor assistance reports
  • M&A like activity for an aerospace start-up company supporting its fundraising
  • Benchmarking analysis for transfer pricing