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Elyse Salzmann



Elyse Salzmann is a partner at AccuracyShe has more than 22 years’ experience in corporate financial advisory, with the main areas of focus being  the Media & Entertainment, Telecom and Retail sectors.

Elyse, prior to joining Accuracy, gained experience in advisory and financial audit during 10 years with Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. She was then among one of the founders of Accuracy.

Elyse specialises in the assessment of intellectual property rights, business plan set-up, financial analysis and due diligences in the Media & Entertainment area, Telecom and retail sectors in a broad range of contexts: transaction, decision-making, financing for tax purposes or litigation.

Elyse speaks French, English, and Spanish.


  • Diploma EDHEC, 1995

In-depth expertise

Elyse manages the Media and Entertainment team at Accuracy. She has developed deep expertise in the valuation of intellectual property rights related to film, TV or music content. She has also acquired an extensive knowledge of the recent digital transformation and has been involved in strategic and financial analysis of the new business models applied in this industry.

Elyse has led and been involved in worldwide engagements for content producers, distributors, broadcasters and internet service providers with a focus on European countries (UK, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain), as well as USA and Canada.

Elyse works regularly on complex situations to carry out financial diagnosis, business review, modelling and business plan set-up for decision making or in the context of transactions n other various sectors such as telecom, retail, real estate and many more.

Example of engagements

  • Valuation of intellectual property rights related to films, animated series, drama TV series libraries in various situations and countries:
    • for a contemplated acquisition or disposal of library assets;
    • in the context of an IPO;
    • for communication in an annual report of a listed media company;
    • as a collateral of the borrowing base in the context of a loan.
  • Independent trustee appointed by the Anti-trust authority to oversee compliance of commitments and remedies required in the context of a merger:
    • remedies related to the acquisition of TV content rights and advertising revenues of a broadcaster;
    • remedies related to the divestment of retail stores.
  • Set-up a business plan of a film and animated series producer including:
    • set-up of the model;
    • projections of identified projects;
    • determination of future cash-flows derived from a normative production year.
  • Expert report in a litigation between telecom operators relating to the value of a mobile customer.
  • Buy-side due diligence and valuation support in the context of the contemplated acquisition of a European retail company by a leading retail group, including: in-depth working capital requirement analysis, analysis of the historical profitability, critical review of the business plan and valuation of the company.