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A promising start

LightOn, a company established in 2016 in Paris, has emerged as an innovative solution to the growing challenge of handling big data. Its founders, Igor Carron, Laurent Daudet and Sylvain Gigan, three enthusiasts for new technology, created the start-up with the mission to revolutionise the field of artificial intelligence through computational optics. Since its creation, LightOn has experienced a precipitous rise marked by several financing rounds, including a recent one that managed to raise €30 million, and the continued expansion of its research and development team.

A disruptive technology
At the heart of LightOn’s offer is an optical technology capable of high-speed calculations for large-scale data analysis. This technology uses unconventional optical devices to accelerate machine learning algorithms, offering unrivalled energy efficiency and speed. What sets LightOn apart is its capacity to process information at light speed, literally, enabling considerable advances in areas like artificial intelligence and big data.

Transformative applications
LightOn’s solutions can be applied in various sectors, from finance to health, security and digital marketing. For example, its technology has been used to improve online recommendation systems, to optimise neural networks for faster, more accurate medical diagnoses, and to strengthen fraud detection algorithms. Each application shows how LightOn’s speed and accuracy can be used to transform business operations and strategies.

Economic growth and expansion
To sustain its strong growth, LightOn recently raised over €30 million from well-known investors, who are betting on its disruptive technology. This capital injection aims to accelerate the start-up’s international development, as well as to diversify its industrial applications.

Future prospects
LightOn plans to expand its global footprint with offices in North America and Asia and to continue its research to remain at the cutting edge of optical technology. The start-up’s leaders are also optimistic that new applications will emerge, particularly in the areas of industrial automation and intelligent mobility.

LightOn is therefore more than just a technology company; it is at the forefront of a revolution that may well redefine the way we manage and analyse data in the digital age.



Romain Proglio – Partner, Accuracy
Accuracy Talks Straight #10 – Start-up stories