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Jellatech, a trailblazing start-up in cellular agriculture, is reshaping numerous industries with its innovative approach to cultured collagen. Founded by a group of innovators and scientists, Jellatech aims to eliminate animals from the food system, starting with the creation of high-quality, pure, animal-free collagen and gelatin. This shift away from animal-derived products is not only disrupting traditional practices; it is also opening doors to a range of applications across various industries.

Jellatech’s journey began with a shared vision to revolutionise the production of collagen and gelatin. These essential ingredients, commonly found in foods, sweets, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more, are traditionally sourced from animals, and the industry is now facing ethical and environmental challenges. Jellatech set out to change this narrative by focusing on cultivating collagen, setting the company apart from others in the cellular agriculture space.

Indeed, while other companies focus on lab-grown meats, Jellatech’s groundbreaking approach centres on cultured collagen. And its mission goes beyond addressing ethical concerns; it aims to eliminate animals from the collagen and gelatin production process entirely. Jellatech’s innovation is not just a scientific breakthrough; it is a paradigm shift with far-reaching implications.

The start-up’s cultured collagen solution enjoys many potential applications:

  1. Beauty and Cosmetics: Lab-grown collagen offers a sustainable alternative for beauty and skincare products. From anti-ageing creams to serums, the beauty industry can embrace a new era without relying on animal-derived ingredients.
  1. Pharmaceuticals: Vital in pharmaceutical formulations, collagen plays a role in drug delivery, wound healing and tissue engineering. Jellatech’s animal-free collagen provides a sustainable and ethically sourced alternative for pharmaceutical companies.
  1. Healthcare: The importance of collagen in healthcare, from its use in medical devices to tissue engineering, is considerable. Jellatech’s solution contributes to advances in medical applications, offering a safer and more sustainable protein source.
  1. Food and Beverages: Beyond collagen and gelatin, Jellatech’s innovation holds promise for the food and beverage industry. As consumer demand for sustainable options rises, the start-up’s animal-free collagen may become a sought-after ingredient in various products.


In testament to its potential, Jellatech secured $3.5 million in an oversubscribed seed financing round, a boon that will propel the start-up to scale its protein manufacturing platform. Jellatech’s portfolio has expanded beyond animal-free bovine and porcine collagen and now includes bio-identical human collagen. The funds from its financing round will drive further research, enhance cellular agriculture processes and strengthen its scientific team.

Jellatech’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of cellular agriculture. Beyond addressing ethical concerns, the company is paving the way for a sustainable future. As the world embraces lab-grown alternatives, Jellatech stands at the forefront, redefining how collagen and gelatin are sourced. Its story is one of innovation, challenging norms and setting new standards for sustainability and ethics. In a world where progress hinges on innovation, Jellatech’s impact on various sectors is poised to grow, leaving a lasting imprint on the future of collagen production and beyond.


Romain Proglio – Partner, Accuracy
Accuracy Talks Straight #9 – Start-up stories