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M&A & financing

We advise corporations and investors in complex or international business transactions, divestures, carve-outs, BP preparation / assessments, synergy quantification and expert diligence.

Buy-side due diligence

Whether you are a financial sponsor or a corporation, due diligence is a key milestone on the critical path to complete an acquisition. This is the time to confirm the full potential value creation of a strategic opportunity. 

Our consultants will help you to ensure the quality of the historical financial information provided by the seller, challenge the assumptions of the presented business plan, provide reliable information to prepare an enterprise to equity value bridge and assist in the negotiation of the final price. Our report will be indispensable when documenting the transaction share purchase agreement and meeting the requirements of international standards for financial institutions providing external acquisition debt.

Sell-side due diligence

When it comes to selling a business, preparation is of the essence. Indeed, it is what makes it possible to secure the transaction dynamics and the final negotiated price. 

Our sell-side due diligence experts will assist management teams throughout the process: presenting historical financial information, documenting business plans, interacting with potential buyers and negotiating the financial terms of the share purchase agreement. Based on the situation, we offer a wide range of solutions from focused vendor assistance analyses to full comprehensive sell-side due diligence supporting external financing. 

After the transaction, our reports and associated documentation will help the seller to monitor any potential post-closing issues or litigation.

Commercial & Strategic review

When acquiring a company, it is crucial to be sufficiently confident in the potential of the company’s management team to realise projected growth. This also applies when selling a company: it is necessary to provide comfort to potential buyers. Our strategy consultants focus on quantifying future market potential, assessing the company’s competitive position and clarifying underlying drivers of value. 

We highlight market trends facing the company and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate market risks and capture opportunities for further value creation. 

Our industry expertise spans all key sectors and our in-depth knowledge of many sub-segments allows us to provide you with the most relevant and customised scope for issue-based answers. Our reports are highly valuable to support investment decisions and are also often used in post-deal environments to directly address our actionable recommendations.

Business Plan preparation

In anticipation of a transaction, we are frequently asked to assist in the creation or review of business plans, for example in situations where capable resources are limited or where various stakeholders’ perspectives need to be managed effectively. 

We offer fit-for-purpose solutions where our consultants are deployed to assist in detailing or designing the company’s strategy and to quantify forward-looking achievable financials, resulting in sophisticated business plans that cover strategic, financial and operational perspectives. 

Our analyses are validated by internal stakeholders and external market intelligence such as external market outlooks, competitor and customer interviews and KPI benchmarks.

M&A strategy

New market-disruptive business models. The rise of new technologies. Changes in regulation. These represent just a few examples of situations that could be foremost on your corporate agenda. 

Our teams are well equipped to provide you with industry knowledge and expertise, market outlooks and customer insights to define where and how to act. This could be whether to embrace or defend against change, to diversify organically or to explore potential acquisitions with the aim of sustaining a new era of value creation for your company. 

With a clear understanding of the most attractive future market segments, we set out the competitive landscape and rank acquisition targets with criteria tailored to your company’s strategic fit. Frequently, our analyses in this domain are combined with the assessment of potential synergies and cost savings, creating a holistic corporate investment case to allow direct actions to be taken. 

Our approach is often a combination of interactive workshops, market intelligence collection and deep-dive analyses.

Synergy assessments

Prior to any strategic external growth initiatives, our teams will help you to assess the potential synergies of the operation. 

We will combine our consultants’ expertise in strategy, cost analyses, complex modelling and scenario analyses to identify and estimate the potential impacts of a transaction on the top line, operating costs and cash generation. 

Our solutions address a wide range of situations including ‘black box’ preliminary assessments, respecting competition regulation, antitrust preliminary assessments, valuation creation model assessments and the implementation of synergy-monitoring reporting post-transaction.