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Negotiations & disputes

We combine our economic, engineering, financial, valuation, strategic and accounting expertise to provide support in all kinds of dispute situations on all continents and in all jurisdictions.

M&A issues

In some M&A operations, buyers and sellers may be unable to agree on appropriate price adjustments or earn-out calculations. There may also be allegations of breaches of representations and warranties, or even allegations of fraud. In these cases, whether at early discussion stages or later during litigation or arbitration proceedings, we bring our in-depth knowledge of both M&A operations (as financial advisers) and valuation of damages. This holistic approach helps the parties (or the tribunal) get a clear and objective view on the financial consequences of the alleged breaches.

JV & Royalty audits disputes

Some partnership arrangements, such as joint ventures or licensing agreements, provide for a right of audit in order for the non-operating partner or the licensor to verify that the operations are being correctly reported by the operating partner or licensee. Our teams of experienced specialists conduct in-depth reviews of allocation criteria and flows to determine whether the operating partner or licensee has reported the costs and revenues correctly.

Antitrust / Competition

In addition to our work undertaken in transaction situations or as monitoring trustees, our experienced teams apply their economic and financial skills to estimate the negative impacts of cartel situations, including pass-through analyses along the value chain, and ultimately to quantify the damages to be claimed by injured parties.


Commercial disputes arise from many different situations, such as breach or early termination of contracts, unfair competition or professional negligence. Each case is unique and requires a tailor-made approach.