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Accuracy publishes a report addressed to cop 28 reviewing what the construction sector needs to reach net zero

This report lists the top 10 recommendations for the building industry to move towards a net zero future. It tackles how the public sector, via the COP 28 negotiations, can support the private sector to reach its targets.

Accuracy, the international independent advisory firm, has published a report this April 2023, titled “Building tomorrow: The COP of Action. Recommendations to COP28 from the construction sector”. Following a workshop that Accuracy organised on 1 March 2023 with representatives from the entire value chain of the building sector, this report provides actionable recommendations for decisionmakers at COP 28 on achieving net zero in the construction industry by 2050.

The report highlights three key areas for action:

  • Policies and regulations
  • Financing and investment
  • Education and awareness.

The report argues that governments must adopt ambitious policies and regulations that incentivise sustainable building practices. It also emphasises the need for increased investment in sustainable infrastructure and highlights the importance of engaging stakeholders and communities in the transition to net zero.

Zulema Sanchis, director at Accuracy, says: “We had an amazing and truly inspirational brainstorming session, where key stakeholders representing the entire value chain expressed their ideas on what the sector was missing to move towards net zero. The private sector has had its say,
and there is no looking back. I cannot wait to see how COP 28 will influence the future of our beloved construction industry.”

The insights detailed in the report will be useful to decision-makers at COP 28, helping them to understand and take measures to achieve net zero emissions in the construction industry by 2050. By implementing the recommendations provided in the report, leaders can help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon future.