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Accuracy: making dreams come true

Providing a 10-day cruise to South Corsica for 30 youngsters undergoing cancer and leukaemia treatement was the mission of a major project organised by Rêve d’enfance (Childhood Dreams), a humanitarian association supported by a group of students from the HEC business school. Profoundly moved by this initiative, Accuracy eagerly lent a hand with this great cause by providing the association with the financial support needed to get this fifth cruise underway in 2007 .

In 2007, Accuracy supported the humanitarian association Rêve d’enfance

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On June 18 of last year, six sailing boats set off from Bastia for an incredible Mediterranean cruise around Corsica. From the small port of Macinaggio to  Propriano, passing Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, children, students, skippers and medical interns were able to leave behind the difficulties of the the childrens’ serious illness during a short holiday. In the words of the Rêve d’enfance team: “A child’s smile is the best reward of all”.

Relay races in inflatable boats, “balloon tag” games, visits to monuments, water fights and ice cream tasting were some of the activities enjoyed during this maritime saga filled with new discoveries and good humour. “This boat trip was an amazing personal adventure” recalls Mathilde, a medical intern in Paris.

Following the success of this trip, the members of Rêve d’enfance are preparing the next convalescence trip, which Accuracy is delighted to to support.

Sarah ROZENBERG, President of the Rêve d’enfance association and an HEC student would like to take this opportunity to thank Accuracy

“After having experienced the magic of the Rêve d’enfance Cruise, you really get a chance to appreciate the importance of these 10 days to these children recovering from cancer or leukaemia.
Seeing them laughing, running, singing and dancing each day, having fun just like any kids of their age despite their experience of the disease makes us more determined than ever to fight to bring these children a little happiness, and above all we would like to warmly thank our partners without whom the 2007 Cruise would simply have never happened.
A huge thank you to Accuracy for its support. Thanks to you, this year once again Rêve d’enfance has been able to repeat this initiative and 30 children from all over France were able to forget their illness for a while during an incredible trip to Corsica”.