Accuracy awarded No.1 spot in the Great Place to Work® 2016 rankings for the second consecutive year

The “high standards and consideration” model – the managerial concept at the heart of Accuracy’s success – has been recognised once again in the Great Place to Work® rankings, which again places the firm in first position of “companies (less than 500 employees) where it is good to work in France”. Ranking in the top three every year since its first entrance in 2007, Accuracy achieved first place in 2015 and has retained this position in 2016.

The consistency of Accuracy’s top three placement in the Great Place to Work® rankings illustrates the reality and depth of the principles that the firm practices with its teams, and constitutes one of the pillars of its strategy. Trust, respect and honesty are indeed at the heart of Accuracy’s managerial strategy; they are key to the quality of work and services that Accuracy delivers to its clients, to whom the firm owes its continued success and growth since its foundation. In a business where personal investment, reliability and quality requirements are particularly high, being able to work in an environment built on solidarity, teamwork, transparency, fulfilment and involvement of all in projects and the life of the firm, is the main way of nurturing the “high standards and consideration” concept.