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A taste for innovation and innovation serving taste

‘Cooking, without ceasing to be an art, will become scientific and will evolve as society itself evolves.’

The father of modern gastronomy, the great chef Auguste Escoffier (1846–1935), a visionary promoter of sustainable food and the rapprochement between the culinary arts and the agri-food industry, once proclaimed this, and his words could not be more topical.

In a world of foodtech and technological and societal revolutions in the agri-food industry, innovation is the key to the future of a sector that relies more and more on the concepts of sustainability, seasonality, locality and traceability.

The promise of technology and the resources it provides are set to meet the aspirations of our contemporaries: to eat well whilst preserving the planet.

In other words, science and technology are being put to ever greater use in the creation of a sustainable food supply, dealing with environmental, public health and industrial issues.

Business models are being challenged. Technology is crucial, and the agri-food sector is making intelligent use of it. Thus, AI, data, blockchain, drones and more are all levers to optimise agricultural production and improve its circular nature, securing nutritional pathways from farm to fork and reducing the carbon footprint of the food supply chain… Technology should help nature and agriculture to sing together in harmony.

An exciting challenge!

‘There is one thing that must remain unchanging, intangible: the quality of the food,’ Escoffier also said. Quality: that’s the operative word for the agrifood industry of tomorrow!


Frédéric Loeper – Partner, Accuracy
Accuracy Talks Straight #9 – One Partner, One View (Editorial)