August 2005

The contribution of economic and sector analysis in the valuation of damages?

The strength and relevance of economic arguments are becoming increasingly important in valuations of damages, whether it involves a case as diverse as an intellectual property dispute, a failure to disclose by the seller, a violation of competition rules, or a wrongful termination of a contract.

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March 2023

Enrique Reina en el podcast de El Español

Estaba considerado uno de los 50 bancos más importantes de EEUU hasta que el 10 de marzo quebró. El colapso de Silicon Valley Bank fue analizado el pasado 15 de marzo en el podcast de actualidad de EL ESPAÑOL y contó con la intervención de nuestro partner especializado...

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February 2023

Economic brief – A triple look at 2023

In this edition of the Economic Brief, we focus on what 2023 may have in store from three different perspectives: that of chief economists, that of CEOs and that of the markets. We will see that the views are not necessarily consistent between them, with the macroecono...

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