Robert Weston

Robert Weston


(+44) 203 861 4656


Robert is a partner in Accuracy. He has over twenty years of experience working with technology and deploying solutions for clients around the world. Prior to joining Accuracy, Robert was a managing director at KPMG UK within Financial Services, focussed on using data analytics to help clients detect more risks or reduce their costs.


Robert has a strong regulatory background, with experience leading projects involving the FCA, SEC, DoJ, FINMA and regulators around the world. He also has experience working on numerous audit and assurance matters.




  • B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Bristol, 1997
  • M.Sc. Computer Crime and Law, University of South Wales, 2003
  • Risk detection – using data analytics to detect more risks within compliance, litigation, FinCrime and investigations
  • Cost Reduction – reducing costs for litigation, investigations and compliance
  • Forensic Investigations – conducting detailed analysis in large-scale investigations
  • Litigation – conducting data analysis in large-scale litigation projects
  • Strategic Planning – supporting teams in building longer-term solutions, using data to drive decisions
  • Designed and deployed the world’s largest audio surveillance programme, constantly monitoring nearly 2,000 traders worldwide 24/7 x 365 – including monitoring landline, mobiles and speaker boxes. This involved the collation of PII from multiple jurisdictions and centralising the data in the UK.
  • Led a large-scale machine-learning program involving millions of communications across multiple countries and languages for a global bank. This resulted in a 70% reduction in false positives, saving millions of pounds.
  • Led the analysis of communication data for a global bank relating to the FX investigations. This involved the analysis of over 1 billion emails and phone calls.
  • Built a platform to allow a large global bank to better understand its risks, controls and priorities around the world. This platform gathered data from hundreds of sources of information, centralising the information and providing new insights through risk models and visualisation.
  • Supported a tier 1 bank in building and delivering its surveillance strategy.
  • Led the analysis of data for a LIBOR investigation for a global bank.
  • Led the assurance into global banks’ data platforms, involving multiple highly sensitive data sources from the banks’ staff. Designed and ran the collation and analysis of data from around the world for a major European bank. This involved moving data from Singapore, Hong Kong and the EU to the US, included reviewing over 1 billion records. All the data involved was designated as both personally identifiable information (PII) and highly confidential; therefore, collating and moving this data around the world posed significant challenges. All of the legal requirements were met.
  • Led the communications analysis for LIBOR assurance programmes for several major global banks.