Nicolas Delisle

Nicolas Delisle


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Nicolas Delisle is a Vice President at Accuracy. He is responsible for developing advisory activities for financial institutions and large corporate groups. He has more than 13 years of experience in financial institution management.


Nicolas started his career in the trading department of the Desjardins Group. He worked as the main advisor in portfolio and asset liability management at the treasury level.

Nicolas was a member of the Canadian Asset and Liability Management Association from 2012 to 2016, representing Desjardins on complex subjects related to ALM and FI’s management.


He then joined Intact Financial Corporation where he rapidly became a reference for all strategic issues related to treasury and foreign M&A operations.


Nicolas speaks French and English.




  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) (2019)
  • MSc Financial Engineering (2008)
  • BSc Mathematics (2006)

Thanks to his significant experience in various positions within the financial services industry, Nicolas has developed an in-depth expertise of the banking and insurance sectors.


Most notably, Nicolas has substantial knowledge of treasury management, as well as capital markets.


  • ALM and financial risk management.
  • Capital structure management; optimal leverage and financing structure, capital deployment framework.
  • Multi-currency cash management optimisation.
  • Portfolio management; trading, arbitrage, portfolio construction, risk/performance analysis.
  • Foreign M&A; evaluation, due diligence, financing, risk management, integration.


Nicolas assists regulators, financial institutions and large corporate groups in different strategic matters on a regular basis.

Financial Management and Risk Management


  • Assessment of the governance mechanisms and sound practices of a Canadian financial institution (DSI) for the stake of the regulator.
  • Performance of a 3rd line defense assessment of a Canadian financial institution (DSI) for the stake of the regulator
  • Development of an expert-based credit model and operational tools for the credit rating of a loan portfolio in the real estate sector.
  • Development of a market-based pricing tool for a loan portfolio in the real estate sector.
  • Acquisition of a U.S. public insurance company (~US$2B) – Accretion metrics / Balance sheet and regulatory capital modeling / Execution of financing and risk coverage / Flow of funds and purchase price delivery / IRR.
  • Optimisation of the capital structure and the capital deployment framework for an international P&C Insurer considering optimal leverage, risk appetite, financial risks, acquisition and investment cycle, peer analysis and regulatory constraints.
  • BDD, Evaluation and Transaction support for a Fintech equity transaction for the stake of a Canadian insurer.