Darren Mullins

Darren Mullins


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Darren Mullins is a partner at Accuracy. He has 16 years of experience in the fields of Digital Forensics, Electronic Discovery, Fraud Analytics, and more recently Cyber Forensics and Incident Response.


Darren has provided confidential expertise to clients operating in the Middle East region for over 10 years. He is also a regular speaker and chair for industry and government-sponsored conferences in the UAE.


Acting as an expert, Darren provides the understanding and insights into digital evidence uncovered during cyber- and fraud-related investigations and disputes, delivering defensible solutions that take critical evidence from identification and preservation through to presentation and disclosure in the support of internal matters, disputes and litigation around the globe.


Prior to joining Accuracy, Darren was a partner at KPMG Lower Gulf and led the Forensic Technology practices of both Deloitte and EY in the Middle East.


Darren speaks English (Native).




  • BSc in Software Development & Networking (Cork Institute of Technology) 2001
  • MSc in Computer Forensics & Security (Dublin City University) 2005

Forensic Technology

Darren has investigated computer, network, and cloud-based data from systems used across the world to identify evidence of malicious intent in cases relating to cybersecurity breaches, IP theft, fraud and misconduct, asset-tracing and employment matters.



Darren has led numerous large-scale projects involving data collection, investigation, and review across Europe, the Middle East and Asia for clients in the Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, and Retail sectors.


Cyber Investigations

Darren has managed Incident Response and Investigations teams responding to breaches caused by Ransomware and cyberattacks, assisting clients in identifying the root cause and enabling them to recover.


Litigation and Disputes

Darren has provided expert testimony in successful litigation and arbitration cases in the DIFC and UK.

  • Investigating the breach and subsequent theft of credit card details from the point of sales systems of an internationally recognised food retailer with outlets across the Middle East. The investigation identified how the breach occurred and where the stolen details were copied on the dark web. In addition, it ascertained the details of the credit cards that were stolen so that remedial action could be taken.
  • Investigating the IT breach of a Middle Eastern family group’s network and the unauthorised withdrawal of €1 million. The investigation identified how the breach was instigated and provided sufficient details of the perpetrators to allow for an EU warrant for their arrest to be issued.
  • Leading and managing the collection and review of evidence in a US$2 billion fraud headquartered out of the UAE. This involved the preservation of over 45 TB of data and the subsequent review of 10 million-plus documents undertaken in three separate jurisdictions using over 150 lawyers.
  • Leading large-scale data collection and review exercises, working for UAE-based regulators, to assist in search and seizure orders and the execution of enforcement orders against regulated entities, completing the preservation and processing of suspect media in a forensically sound manner in order to present data for review in courts.
  • Acting as an expert witness in courts in Dubai (DIFC) and arbitrations in the UK, providing evidence on electronic data tampering in the defence of significant claims made against both an international financial institution and a manufacturing firm based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In both cases, the evidence that he provided assisted in the claims being dropped.