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Jeremy Sitruk



Jeremy Sitruk, a director at Accuracy, joined the firm in 2022. With ten years of experience in the data and artificial intelligence field, he began his career at a Big Four firm, where he gained a strong foundation in these areas.

Specialising in developing data strategies for large companies across Europe, Jeremy focuses on implementing innovative solutions in terms of modelling and advanced algorithms. His work aims to optimise decision-making processes within organisations and guide them towards more informed decisions by making the best use of data and artificial intelligence.

Jeremy’s areas of expertise include advanced analytics, involving the analysis of complex data sets; artificial intelligence, with a focus on advanced AI models; and data strategy, aimed at planning how to use data effectively for business improvement and informed decision-making.


  • MSc in Management from ESSEC
  • MSc in Information Technology from Stevens Institute of Technology
  • MSc in Computer Science from ESME