The transport, logistics and distribution sectors are a backbone to the way we do business and live our lives today. But are these sectors ready for the exacting needs of tomorrow’s customer?

The speed and frequency with which we move people and goods around the globe today is mind-boggling by any standards. A business meeting in another continent, perishable food flown across the world and parcels delivered overnight. The global transportation, logistics and distribution sectors rarely stand still.

Such global industries face the influence of changing global forces. As China embarks on its quest for its Belt and Road Initiative, freight shifts from air and sea to rail and road. Drones are set to play an increasing role in national freight distribution and high speed passenger rail has become the short-haul flight of yesteryear. Customers have come to expect nothing less than perfection: on time and right first time.

At the heart of the success of any business competing in this changing marketplace is its ability to be agile and drive the highest levels of efficiency. And enabling these is an evolving world of data. Data patterns allow companies to predict demand, prepare services or ship products in advance, even before demand arises.

At Accuracy we help these businesses stay ahead in the market. Data-driven decision-making sits at the forefront of our work: whether it’s making sense of overwhelming quantities of big-data, developing smarter algorithms and tools to drive efficiencies from a delivery network or building an agile and sustainable supply chain.

case studies

Merger and integration of 3 regional airline companies

Accuracy assisted Air France Group in the creation of the Hop! airline via the merger of three historical companies.   Context In 2013, Air France Group merged its 3 historical regional airlines companies: Airlinair, Brit Air and Regional under a single umbrella brand a...

Portfolio review of a global high-end winemaker with multiple estates and assessment of long-term value creation

Accuracy’s work enabled Management to realise the value creation arising from its long-term strategy.   Context A global high-end winemaker with estates in Europe, South America, South Africa and Oceania wanted to determine its long-term strategic orientations and confi...