As grid parity becomes a reality, the industry is entering a new age.


While public policy and support is still at the heart of decision-making, the Renewables industry is no longer perceived as one where financial returns are secured. As costs fall and simple feed-in-tariff systems are dropped in favour of auctions and more complex support schemes, competition has become more fierce and more global. In the meantime, new challenges and opportunities are arising in this young industry: mass adoption in developing markets, concerns over environmental impact, revamping of old installations …


Accuracy’s unique combination of engineers and economists allows us to help corporations, infrastructure funds and regulators throughout the value chain, from the acquisition of a wind turbine manufacturer to the modelling of complex regulations, in virtually any market worldwide.

Sector case study

Acquisition of renewables assets

Accuracy provides financial due diligence and business modelling skills in the context of an acquisition of renewable energy assets.   Context   In the context of the acquisition of a portfolio of renewable energy assets, both under construction and in production, our c...

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