Real Estate



Accuracy provides clear recommendations to real estate players to facilitate effective decision-making in complex situations.


Real estate markets are becoming increasingly sophisticated, notably since demographic shifts, competition from emerging markets, sustainability, innovation, smart buildings and the shifting financial ecosystem will all have major implications for real estate investment and development.


In this context, real estate players need advice from independent experts in order to analyse and assess financial and business factors and risks of often-complex operations.


Accuracy aims to assist real estate players (Institutional investors, REITs, developers) to realise the full potential of their assets and respective businesses, by giving a quick, tailored and expert response in the following situations:


  • Acquisition or sale of a portfolio of assets or companies
  • Real estate outsourcing (e.g. through sale & leaseback operations)
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Pre-litigation or litigation of any nature
  • Funding or refinancing issues
  • Decision-making (business planning, yields analysis…)
  • Project and risks assessment
  • Project management oversight advisory



Sector case studies

A fraudulent mortgage scheme in Canada

A major Canadian financial institution faced an illegal property flipping scheme and required a substantial investigation to uncover all the associated impacts.   Context   Accuracy was hired by a major Canadian financial institution to investigate an illegal property f...

case studies