Energy & Utilities



Is mankind facing the existential threat of runaway consumption of limited resources by a rapidly growing population?


15.000 scientists are convinced that soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out, they say.


Sure, the question is asked whether we will be able to feed 10 billion people on Earth but, before that, will they even have water? Over the last 25 years, the amount of fresh water available per head of population worldwide has reduced by 26%.


Carefully managing our basic resources is at the very heart of the Energy & Utilities industry’s concerns. How can we continue producing more and more energy for a growing population without exhausting our planet’s resources or harming the population with air pollution or global warming? Some countries massively promote renewables, while others consider they are entitled to reach the development rate of western countries before moving towards environmentally friendly (and expensive) energy sources.


We at Accuracy assist numerous industry leaders in the Energy & Utilities industry in some of their most critical situations. We have significant industry expertise in renewable or non-renewable, nuclear, solar, wind, regulated or non-regulated energy production and distribution. We also work for the best-in-class water and waste industry leaders. Our assistance covers any type of situation in which figures and business issues are at the heart of decision-making: review of massive investments projects, construction disputes, sale or purchase of assets, debt restructuring or business plan modelling.

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