Construction & Infrastructure



As governments and project owners struggle to meet the huge demand for new assets, there is increasing pressure to deliver infrastructure and construction projects faster and for lower cost.


Rarely does a week pass without news of a new record-breaking building or construction project – a larger bridge, a taller skyscraper or a stadium of architectural supremacy. But similarly, rarely does a week pass without news of yet another project that has run out of money or been shelved at the outset.


The global construction and infrastructure sectors are faced with unprecedented challenges in our current climate. Each week, the population living in our cities grows by 1.5 million, and developing countries are swallowing much of the world’s construction resources. Global investment in the infrastructure and construction sectors is at an all-time high and set to increase, yet governments and project owners face a lack of funds and shortage of skills meaning planned investment still falls short of what is needed. Supply chains suffer from low confidence in the pipeline of projects and under investment in new technologies.


But these challenges open up huge opportunities for those involved in the roll-out of new energy plants, utility networks, factories, transport routes and buildings. There are compelling rewards for those who are prepared to ride the waves.


This is where Accuracy’s experts come in. We work across the project life cycle from initiation to closeout. Our experts are accomplished engineers, project managers and consultants, having delivered and advised on many of the world’s most iconic projects. We combine our experience with factual analysis to support key decisions. We help to maximise the commercial value of projects before they begin, optimising business cases and capturing innovation. We bring greater control to projects in their delivery phases, minimising costs and time, and we recover losses if projects go wrong.

Sector case studies

Modernising the Panama Canal

Accuracy’s comprehensive project delay analysis enabled the Canal’s modernisation project to continue.   Context   In 2006, Panama’s authorities decided to build a third set of locks in the Panama Canal to double its freight capacity. In 2009, Panama hired a European co...

case studies