B2C Services



Accuracy’s experts are dedicated to helping you face the challenges of a fast-changing industry.


When it comes to B2C services, ranging from family support to personalised financial counselling and anything in-between, the digitalisation of the economy and the related shift in customer expectations have dramatically transformed the industry. New competitors have emerged; new, more collaborative and more direct ways of doing business have appeared: there is no more room for complacency for historical players.


At Accuracy, we will build the perfect team of experts for you to help you, among other things, adapt your strategic positioning, challenge your business portfolio be it to acquire or develop new core skills or dispose of non-relevant assets—or adopt new digitalised processes and tools while measuring their efficiency precisely.

Sector case studies

case studies

Acquisition of renewables assets

Accuracy provides financial due diligence and business modelling skills in the context of an acquisition of renewable energy assets.   Context   In the context of the acquisition of a portfolio of renewable energy assets, both under construction and in production, our client requ...