B2B Services



Our teams combine industry knowledge with financial and strategic expertise to provide you with 5-star support in B2B services.


Constantly looking to improve performance, business customers tend to outsource a wide range of non-core competencies at competitive prices, making B2B services a fast-moving industry, full of potential but also open to threats. The drive for digitalisation and changes in consumer behaviours spreading to the B2B sector are challenging existing players’ operations, creating new needs and competitors at the same time.


Accuracy’s experts are seasoned professionals with wide industry knowledge from BPO to waste management to private nurseries. Whether you want to define your strategic plan, leverage your customer data, strengthen your position with an acquisition… we have the perfect team to help you thrive.

Sector case studies

Vendor assistance in the oil and gas market

Accuracy provides vendor assistance for the disposal of a jointly owned company which designs and rents offshore access system units for the oil and gas market.   Context   The company was set up as a joint venture with two shareholders. Its products are used to transfe...

case studies