A leading online shoe retailer requires assistance in decision-making

Accuracy provides a comprehensive review of media investments for the company leading to concrete findings and recommendations.   Context A global online shoe retailer started expanding its business throughout Europe. In order to develop its business, it invested significantly in offline and online advertising. The company asked Accuracy to review its media investments by country […]

Quantification of purchasing synergies between the purchasing departments of two competing retailers (black box approach)

Accuracy assisted the central purchasing departments of competing retailers to assess the potential purchasing synergies that could arise from a merger of their purchasing volumes.   Context Retailers are generating low operating margins and their capacity to purchase at the best price from their suppliers stands among their major competitiveness drivers. Accuracy was called in […]

Accuracy assists in multi-disciplinary project for distribution business in Spain

Accuracy provides valuation, carve-out and forensic accounting assistance to a large distribution and retail company in Spain.   Context   The company has two main businesses in Spain: distribution and retail. The country-wide distribution business consists of press logistics and the distribution of collectibles and other small retail items. The retail business includes the operation […]

Accuracy helps a sporting goods giant to restructure

Accuracy assists one of the largest sporting goods brands in the world in implementing a large scale restructuring programme.   Context   Our client, a sporting goods company headquartered in Germany, launched a €150m restructuring programme in light of declining profitability, with the programme including more than 250 individual measures. Having never faced a restructuring […]

Retail & E-commerce

AN OFFER MADE TO MEASURE   As physical retail transforms and e-commerce booms, our consultants work to make sense of the change and provide invaluable advice.   Change in the retail landscape is accelerating, with customer behaviour evolving radically and competitive threats emerging from both new entrants and established businesses. Key issues include the capture […]