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Data & digital transformation

We provide bespoke tools and technology combined with data science skills to process and visualise data in order to make informed decisions in a digital environment.

Digital strategy

Digitalisation projects often require corporate goals and strategy to be reassessed, organisations to adapt, roles and responsibilities to be redefined and solid change management to be set up in order to ensure rapid and smooth adoption at all levels. The in-depth knowledge of corporate needs coupled with modelling and development capabilities enable Accuracy to support the digital projects in your organisation, from drawing up the initial idea to designing new frameworks to quantifying improvement. Our agile approach ensures efficient deployment within your organisation, from data collection to iterative development of easy-to-use tools and from data processing to team training.


In our fast-changing world, innovation is at the heart of many companies’ strategies, with more and more managerial, strategic and organisational considerations revolving around it. Accuracy can support your innovation decisions and transformation by guiding disruption, building bridges to innovation ecosystems, creating change with smart investments and leveraging on data science thanks to open innovation programmes provided with tangible performance measurement.

Our open innovation programme includes analysing market disruption (e.g. new services, new user experiences, digital transformations and new business models); performing due diligence on emerging business models to challenge business plans, revenue potential and fit with core strategic targets; undertaking strategic assessments of early-stage start-ups to strengthen their core businesses and to help them reach identified strategic goals; reviewing innovative models and their omnichannel variations to shift brands towards digital; and helping corporates to better understand innovation in China and develop business opportunities there.

Information reporting

Whether preparing for a disposal or a post-acquisition situation, obtaining clear and relevant information is a fundamental consideration. Not only does it solidify a selling process, making due diligence ‘bullet proof’ and figures available much more quickly, particularly when a deal enters its critical phase, but it is also the foundation for triggering integration and synergies, making it possible to measure them clearly and determine tangible improvements to be realised.

Our consultants will help you select and secure the relevant information across a potentially wide range of fields: finance, operations, HR, market, analytics, etc. Leveraging on our innovative digital capabilities, we will then rapidly convert this initial exploration phase into a rolling process, owned by the finance and operations teams, sharing one set of relevant, homogeneous and controlled figures, simply and rapidly.


Although transformation is currently required in many markets and businesses in order to develop, succeeding in such an undertaking is always a challenge.

Despite the variety of situations in which such projects may be applicable, successful plans always rely on the same fundamental elements: clearly defined targets; a quantified ROI that is effectively measurable over the long term; a clear transposition of strategic goals into pragmatic tactical action plans; well-paced and monitored implementation; and robust project management to ensure the coordination, alignment and adhesion of teams throughout the process.

Thanks to our diverse range of expertise, “no silo” organisation and fully integrated worldwide partnership, Accuracy is the ideal partner to design and support your transformation, from the very first strategic orientation to effective implementation, with a reliable quantification of actual impacts at all steps.