November 2021

Economic brief: what the figures tell us (#8)

A topic much in the news of late is inflation. Indeed, its recent rise is dominating market news, and its effects are being felt globally. This edition of the Economic Brief will see us look into this striking rise in inflation and what patterns might be taking shape. We will also look into how inflation and pay rises interact, as well as how they might affect future employee compensation negotiations.

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More accuracy news

November 2021

Accuracy supported Baas B.V. in an IMAP led s...

Accuracy supported the shareholder and management of Baas B.V. - a Dutch player in the construction of energy infrastructure with additional services in the field of fiber optic networks and in-building installations - with the sale of part of its shares to GIMV, a pri...

November 2021

Accuracy advises Sirail

Accuracy conducted financial buy-side due diligence and assistance in financing for Sirail in the context of the acquisition of IGM - Electromechanical & Electronic Systems. ...