October 2022

Economic brief: what the figures tell us (#15)

Times are tumultuous and economic woes abound: high inflation, supply chain disruptions, low consumer confidence, foreign exchange issues and more. In spite of all this – or perhaps because of it – it is not so easy to make clear-cut conclusions. Indeed, for some economic indicators, current reality and short-/medium-term forecasts appear to be at odds with each other. So where does that leave us? In this edition of the Economic Brief, we will delve into the topic, with a particular focus on current inflationary trends and interest rates.

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February 2023

Economic brief – A triple look at 2023

In this edition of the Economic Brief, we focus on what 2023 may have in store from three different perspectives: that of chief economists, that of CEOs and that of the markets. We will see that the views are not necessarily consistent between them, with the macroecono...

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