July 2022

Economic brief: what the figures tell us (#14)

With the global economy in turmoil, energy prices are exploding. A general rising trend in the prices of oil and gas since mid-last year has been compounded in recent weeks by the war in Ukraine and the economic reprisals taken by the West against Russia. These reprisals now include a partial embargo on Russian hydrocarbons. But what does that mean in the short term? And how does the current situation compare with the oil crisis of the 1970s? Let us delve into the matter in this Economic Brief.

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February 2023

Economic brief – A triple look at 2023

In this edition of the Economic Brief, we focus on what 2023 may have in store from three different perspectives: that of chief economists, that of CEOs and that of the markets. We will see that the views are not necessarily consistent between them, with the macroecono...

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