March 2022

Economic brief: what the figures tell us (#11)

In light of the current context, this month’s edition of the Economic Brief will focus on the relationship between war and the economy. In particular, we will look into links between the two; we will delve into economic theory in relation to war; and we will examine some of the impacts of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine on the world economy.

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May 2022

Accuracy advises SPAC Pegasus Entrepreneurs

Accuracy has been assigned by SPAC Pegasus Entrepreneurs to perform the financial due diligence in the context of the following operation: FL Entertainment (composed of Banijay Group and Betclic Everest Group) is merging with SPAC Pegasus Entrepreneurs, which has been ...

April 2022

Accuracy advises Andera Partners

Accuracy conducted strategic buy-side due diligence for Andera Partners in the context of the acquisition of a stake in Telecom Design. ...

March 2022

Accuracy advises FNB

Accuracy conducted financial buy-side due diligence for FNB in the context of the acquisition of Moussline (Nestlé). ...