Investigation and forensic services

We combine our investigatory, financial, accounting, technological and strategic expertise to help clients identify and remediate potential misconduct relating to civil, criminal and regulatory matters.


Our investigations and forensic services team is comprised of experienced forensic investigators and accountants, economists, technologists, corporate intelligence professionals, former law enforcement officials and investigation attorneys who conduct highly sensitive, confidential cross-border investigations, including, if required, cooperating with law enforcement and regulatory authorities. Our experience includes responding to matters arising from the US FCPA, UK Bribery Act, French law Sapin II, Italian law 231, EU and US sanctions and competition laws, and myriad national anti-fraud and tax laws.


Our forensic technology team includes specialised and experienced professionals recruited from the largest international forensic technology practice groups. We work to provide credible and straightforward electronic data solutions to subject matter experts, legal advisers and/or investigators in connection with disputes, arbitrations, litigations, investigations and compliance matters.

We have also developed proprietary investigative tools and intellectual property, including:

  • AccurUpload, a secure and user-friendly tool that enhances and simplifies the process of uploading documents to Relativity – allowing our clients to manage their own document reviews and significantly reducing costs for smaller scale reviews.
  •  Accuracy Forensic View, a powerful digital detective tool that can help jumpstart investigations by quickly identifying whether custodians have deliberately sought to hide electronic evidence or are exhibiting other signs of guilty behaviour.


Our corporate intelligence team gathers and analyses open source information in an ethical and legal manner to help clients better understand potential reputational and integrity risks associated with prospective business partners, acquisition targets and other third-parties. Our team also supports clients in cross-border litigation matters by identifying, locating, verifying and recovering cash and physical assets.

The open sources we consult include press reports, corporate and government registries, court records, public and subscription-based databases, social media and the internet. When required, we also consult our global network of sources for human intelligence.


We have deep experience helping clients to develop, enhance, implement and test corporate compliance programs. Our experience includes conducting assessments of companies’ risks relating to fraud, corruption, sanctions violations, competition issues and information security; developing and implementing compliance programs relating to anticorruption, sanctions and competition; and conducting detailed assessments and testing of internal control frameworks.

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