Accur’Option® is a market-leading valuation solution for the valuation of management packages, fixed rates instruments and complex financial instruments, internally developed and trusted by most actors in the French Private Equity market. Field-tested and strengthened by repeated interactions with tax authorities, Accur’Option® is the most reliable solution for the independent valuation of complex financial instruments


Tailor-made solution for your complex financial products

Traditional and proven derivative valuation techniques need to be significantly tweaked in order to value Warrants, Preferred Shares, and other Ratchet Instruments. From a very early stage, or days before closing, Accuracy works closely with you to understand your equity structure and provide the best suitable solution and a reliable fair market value.


Management Packages made easy

Our reports are precise, clear and easy to read, without losing technical depth. We are always happy to explain our work in more details to all stakeholders in a language you understand.


State-of-the-art, field-tested methodology

Accur’Option® techniques are constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest development in tax rulings and deal structuration. Our team is the most experienced in dealing with French and European tax authorities, and our leading position gives us a unique perspective on the latest market practices.


Specialists at your service

Our team of Accur’Option® specialists is made of consultants from the top engineering and business schools. The variety of backgrounds and expertise combined within the team give them a unique perspective on your activity beyond simple numbers, and helps them understand your needs better.


Not just management packages

Our expertise now covers the independent appraisal of the market interest rate of fixed rate securities, as well as the valuation of incentive plans for public listed companies.

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