Accuracy Review

Accuracy Review is our investigation and litigation document review platform. Powered by Relativity and hosted in our Milan data centre, our service is focused on our European clients and their international operations. Relativity provides state-of-the-art document review capabilities and is used by 199 of 200 of the top US law firms.


The weapon of choice

In large scale document review matters, Relativity is the market leading solution. When a client is facing legal or commercial challenges, including regulatory investigation or high value litigation, it is crucial that electronic evidence is swiftly and thoroughly identified. Accuracy Review allows multiple reviewers, from multiple locations, to access securely (over the Internet) mountains of documents and classify them for multiple issues in a streamlined workflow. Review time (and cost) is dramatically reduced using deduplication, near duplication, email threading, concept clustering and assisted review tools. Documents can be searched, batched, coded, branded, redacted, commented and produced in a legally defensible manner. This platform is the weapon of choice for professional lawyers and investigators.


European, Italian, local

We are the first to offer this service in Italy, and it is part of our response to a growing demand in mainland Europe for this service. EU data compliance laws, including GDPR, require strict protection of confidential, personal and sensitive data. With Brexit and legal challenges to the US Privacy Shield (formerly Safe Harbor) provisions, clients are increasingly inclined to keep their data in the EU, in country or even in-house. We are able to address these concerns, by using our Italy-based platform or by building a local system in a location that meets the individual needs of the client.


Specialism: Investigations, Construction Disputes

Within Accuracy, we have strong cyber investigation and construction dispute teams. We have customised Accuracy Review to complement these areas of expertise. For example, investigative document reviews can be greatly accelerated by examining what has been recently deleted or encrypted. In construction disputes, there are many file types that are not included in standard document reviews, and some crucial project management documents require analytics and transformation before they can be properly and efficiently reviewed.


Automation, expertise, efficiency

Our approach is not to throw a large number of human resources at a technical challenge. We use a combination of our experience and our expertise in cyber investigations, computer forensics, electronic discovery, forensic data analytics and automation to build significant efficiencies and improvements in our processes. Accuracy Review benefits from this approach and the additional data insights that it provides.


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