Accuracy Forensic View

Accuracy Forensic View (AFV) is a Relativity App that adds computer forensic clues into your document review so that you can be your own digital detective.

Does this allegation warrant an investigation? If yes, where to start? Are bad actors destroying the evidence? What document review search will ever return something that is being deliberately hidden?

Accuracy Forensic View (AFV) turns these investigation challenges into advantages. Use the electronic discovery collection images to also find what bad actors are hiding. Use signs of bad actor’s avoidance efforts to focus on who has something to hide and what it is. Jump start the investigation and discover the hidden truth.

The AFV Relativity App is based on digital detective investigation techniques used over many years to discover what is hidden. Combining this smart approach with Relativity’s power gives investigators and reviewers the best of both worlds. Examples include:

  • FCPA investigation – 30 custodians: Within 24 hours, deletion spike analysis flagged five bad actors (two previously low priority) who had breached preservation orders. The recovered documents allowed lawyers to challenge the five involved immediately instead of after the lengthy document review.
  • Regulator raid: Windows OS analysis revealed that the two main custodians had swapped their PCs with spare PCs, renamed them and created new user profiles to deceive the regulator and hide previous data destruction.
  • Investigation – numerous custodians: File and format analysis showed that one bad actor had formatted every USB stick before they were imaged and identified the existence of 2 un-surrendered USBs.

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