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Business case

Sell-side due diligence for a major agro-alimentary group

Sub-industry: Livestock sanitation


Our client, a major agro-alimentary group, was looking to sell one of its subsidiaries, which develops, manufactures and markets products for the disinfection of livestock buildings and equipment, the treatment of drinking water and overall livestock health across a number of countries.

Key Takeaway

The agrochemical sector has a costly and regulated product approval process. For example, in Europe products are strongly and increasingly regulated under the European Chemical Agency and the general global transportation guidelines. The regulatory constraints create a costly operational environment and a consolidation market dynamic. In terms of demand, livestock chemical product demand is driven by developing countries (particularly China and other Asian countries) due to increasing demand for livestock products and the further industrialisation of agriculture.

Accuracy Role

During our engagement, we reviewed combined financial statements, suggested normalised financial figures, assisted Management with the preparation of the business plan, prepared a sell-side due diligence report and answered the buyers’ due diligence requests.