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Business case

Financial BSDD for a laboratory specialising in genetic testing

Sub-industry: Genomics testing


Our client, a laboratory specialising in genetic testing based in Germany, was looking to make a strategic move to grow in both the European and Latin American markets by acquiring a Spanish laboratory with a subsidiary in Colombia and sales in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Key Takeaway

Accuracy helped the client to (i) better understand the dynamics of the LATAM market, its operational deficiencies and its opportunities; (ii) identify the strengths of Spanish companies in the fertility market; (iii) evaluate the target company’s positioning in each of the business lines analysed; and (iv) price the operation in accordance with the commercial and financial reality. Overall, the success of specialised genetic testing laboratories is mostly attributable to the quality of the post-sale service and the ability to keep testing equipment operating continuously.

Accuracy Role

Accuracy was appointed to conduct the commercial and financial buy-side due diligence, having to assess the historical performance of the laboratory, as well as to deepen understanding of the Latin American market for both the prenatal and oncology genetic testing sectors and to assess the potential of the company in those markets and regions.