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Business case

Performance review & improvement

Sub-industry: Landscaping Services


Our client, a major landscaping player in Europe, was experiencing deteriorated profitability compared with its peers caused by a structural shift in its market mix (creation vs maintenance). The shareholders were willing to invest more to change the firm’s operating business model to generate more profitability in the future.

Key Takeaway

Our detailed assessment led to the definition of a new road map for the “creation” business line built upon four strategic axes: (i) lowering the break-even point through improved pooling of resources; (ii) refining the group’s target positioning to adapt it to local specificities and to the various key account strategies to be put in place by each branch; (iii) rethinking a number of key business processes related to operations to maximise the activation of the main sources of gross margin generation; and (iv) putting people back at the heart of the company and creating an atmosphere of emulation (vs competition).

Accuracy Role

During our three-month engagement, we had three site visits (two days spent per visited site), based on which we performed a complete strategic assessment of the “creation” business line to identify the most suitable strategic options to improve the business’s profitability and cash generation in the medium/long term.