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Business case

Vehicle charging facility market in China

Sub-industry: Electric vehicle charging facilities


Our client, a leading global oil and gas company, was considering investing in the electric vehicle charging facility market in China. The market presents promising prospects but is characterised by a highly competitive environment with strong leading key players.

Key Takeaway

The ultimate goal was to assist the client in better understanding the local market and identifying potential partners based on their unique business models. With the market study, we managed to identify top-ranking cities / provinces as potential markets to enter based on a customised scoring mechanism and obtain an in-depth understanding of the market segments and existing key players. Our team went one-step further by representing the client to reach out to potential partners through exclusive interviews, which may very well support the client to map out strategies in the next stage.

Accuracy Role

During our three-month engagement, we provided the client with (i) a comprehensive review of market potential by city / province, (ii) a deep-dive into selected key players, (iii) an evaluation of available business models and (iv) a financial model structure.