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Business case

Delay and quantum expert for a major player in telecommunications

Sub-industry: Telecommunications


Our client, a major player in telecommunications and the project owner in this case, entered into an EPC agreement to construct a data centre in France. The main contractor of the project failed to achieve contractual milestones, and the project incurred an eight-month delay and cost overruns. The contractor initiated court proceedings against the owner to obtain additional compensation for prolongation costs and additional work performed during the course of the project.

Key Takeaway

The main difficulty of this case was a lack of information. Our client had limited access to detailed records and progress data for the project. Through a series of workshops with the project director and the legal team, we were able to understand the major issues on the project and address the key points of the case. Even though our analysis was based on a very limited volume of data, we provided a complete assessment of the critical delay and the claimed amounts by each party based on facts and figures. Proceedings are ongoing and we continue to support the process.

Accuracy Role

Accuracy was appointed to provide independent delay and quantum expert reports on the causes of critical delays to the completion of the project, as well as the quantification of the contractor’s claims and the owner’s counterclaim.