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Business case

Business plan preparation for a major producer of neurovascular medical devices

Sub-industry: Neurovascular medical devices


Our client, a major producer and distributor of neurovascular medical devices, planned to consolidate its position in the market by acquiring its distributor in Italy. One of its objectives was to maximise profits by acting directly in a market such as Italy.

Key Takeaway

It was essential to remain flexible in order to assist the client in all the steps of the acquisition, working together with its M&A department. We had to understand and process all the drivers to build a model that would provide the inputs for profit maximisation by acting directly in the market and help Management to make the right decisions. Negotiations with the seller and understanding all the different compliance issues helped us to prepare a red flag report for the board.

Accuracy Role

We assisted the client in all steps of the process: (i) BP construction with different scenarios to facilitate the board’s decision-making process; (ii) financial buy-side due diligence and SPA assistance and (iii) compliance due diligence.