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Business case

Blackbox exercise

Sub-industry: Airport commercial spaces


Our client, a major airports operator, planned to open its commercial spaces up to competition when the contract for its Duty Free JV expired. As part of its call for tender to select its future industrial partner, our client sought to assess the purchasing conditions of bidders by category.

Key Takeaway

The engagement was divided into two phases: phase 1 consisted of preparing a single Excel template for all bidders to fill in (a tutorial was designed to help go through this process); phase 2 consisted of (i) collecting and analysing the applicable list to 5net purchasing prices of a wide selection of product references (>2000 products covering all five selected categories) and (ii) performing comparative analyses of both 3net and 5net prices resulting in a ranking of bidders based on their purchasing conditions (both realised and projected).

Accuracy Role

Our team was in charge of collecting, consolidating and analysing data in a “BlackBox”. To comply with competition and commercial laws, our client did not have access to any information by product reference from the bidders. Instead, the client received a comparative summary of the bidders’ purchasing conditions.